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Carbon Fibre Furniture

The current uses of carbon fibre are often due to the practical aspect of the material providing both a lightweight and strong structure. Even when carbon fibre is used it is often painted over and will be noticed by very few.

For those who see carbon fibre for an aesthetic purpose there are new innovations which provide decor items and furniture to be feature items in your home. Due to the strength of carbon fibre, designers are incorporating the material to create tables and chairs which can be used as functioning furniture in your home.

The majority of carbon fibre furniture that has already been created gives a modern and sleek appearance due to the smooth and shiny finish that material gives. Carbon fibre can be highly flexible under specific conditions which allows intricate designs to be created.

Although we are based in London we work with many other interior design companies that are located throughout the UK covering the North and East of the country.

Some designers will be more advanced in ways that they can manipulate the material and therefore can create unique designs. The majority of products made from carbon fibre will be sleek, those who understand the nature of carbon fibrecan create woven and textured outcomes using the material.

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